You can join half-day Technical Tours in English on October 27 (Thu), afternoon.
We give 3 plans to IRC2016 participates. You will have good experience in rubber technology in Japan. The participants who satisfy the conditions specified can join the technical tours.
We hope many participants join the tours.

Tour A:Bridgestone Kurume Factory, and MoonStar Company Head Office / Factory
Tour B:TOTO Museum and Yasukawa Robot Factory
Tour C:Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.

Tour A

You can visit two of most famous companies in Japan, Bridgestone and Moonstar.
Kurume is a born place of Bridgestone Tire Company and the factory is the oldest in the company but is operated with new tire manufacturing technology.
Moonstar is one of the oldest Shoes manufacturing company (established in 1873) and the technology is well known in would wide.
You will be able to touch an interesting histories and manufacturing technologies of Moonstar.

Tour B

TOTO is one of the most famous and oldest (established in 1912) sanitary ware company. You may know well and use “TOTO Washlet”. TOTO Museum shows a history and manufacturing step of sanitary products.
Yasukawa is one of the most famous and the oldest company (established in 1915) in Japan. The company is manufacturing industrial Robots, invertor and other FA (Factory Automation) equipment. You will be able to touch the latest FA technology in Japan.

Tour C

You know well and we may not need to explain any more on Toyota. Toyota motor Kyusyu is one of the key factories. You will be able to watch car manufacturing process and to touch history of Toyota.

Please apply online those who wish to participate.

* Venue requires information of attendees (Name, Title, Organization, and job position) in advance. Please make agreement of offering your information when you apply for technical tour.
There might be a case that the application is turned down at the company’s discretion. Please review the precaution carefully.

Details of Technical Tours

Date : October 27 (Thu), afternoon

Tour A : Bridgestone Kurume Factory, and MoonStar Company Head Office / Factory (Capacity: 40 persons, approx. 6hours trip)

Price: JPY 4,000 (Lunch included)

Bridgestone Kurume Factory

* Please be informed that application will be turned down if it is from competitors, tire-related materials companies and equipment manufactures
* No photo shooting is allowed inside the factory (such as came, video recording, mobile phone)

MoonStar Company Head Office / Factory

* Visit by competitors (such as shoe manufacturer and sales-related) is not accepted. Photo shooting is prohibited.

Tour B : TOTO Museum & Yasukawa Robot Factory (Capacity:40persons, approx. 4.5hours trip)

Price: JPY 3,000

TOTO Museum
Yasukawa Robot Factory

* Visit by competitors is not accepted. No photo/no movie and no recording is allowed.

Tour C : Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc (Capacity:40persons, approx. 4hours trip)

Price: JPY 3,000

* Photo taking, VTR photography, smoking and mobile phone use is not allowed. (permitted only at PR annex)

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