I am very happy to be able to welcome the 2016 International Rubber Conference to our city of Kitakyushu, Japan.

Our city is located on the northern tip of Kyushu Island and is the second largest city in terms of population on this island.

Kitakyushu was created in 1963 with the merger of five cities on an equal footing. Our city has faced various problems such as environmental pollution and the decline in the iron and steel industry, but with the cooperation of our citizens, enterprises, the academic community, and the administration, we have overcome these adversities and gained valuable experience. Along with this, thanks to the more than 100 years of manufacturing operations of the National Yawata Steel Works, we have acquired the valuable assets of advanced technique and skilled personnel.

Besides this, our city has been selected as a Green Growth City by OECD, and Green Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Zone, and Future City by the Japanese government, so we are working to lead the economy through “the environment and Asia” as a green frontiers solution city.

As a part of the Consortium for the Promotion of the Modern Industrial Heritage in Kyushu and Yamaguchi, the 1901 original site of the Yawata Steel Works was designated for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2015.

Another aspect of our city is the abundance of fresh foods from the sea and mountains and our local gourmet selections include Kokura Yakiudon (a fried udon noodle dish) and Moji Yaki Curry (a baked curry).

When you visit us next year, we hope you will enjoy the environment-related facilities, registered world heritage spots, and some of these local specialties.

In conclusion, it is my hope that the International Rubber Conference 2016 will achieve significant results that will be applicable to the development of the science and technology related to rubber. We in Kitakyushu look forward to welcoming you to our city next October.

Kenji Kitahashi
City of Kitakyushu

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