The following Invited lectures will speak at the conference. The provisional presentation titles are as follows.

26 (Wed)27 (Thu)28 (Fri)

Wednesday, October 26

Session A(G2: Natural Rubber and Related Materials)

photoNatural Rubber Chemistry
Prof. Seiichi Kawahara(Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan)
photoMulti-step chemical modification of natural rubber for versatile applications
Prof. Pranee Phinyocheep(Mahidol University, Thailand)
photoColloidal Properties of Purified Natural Rubber Latex
Dr. Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim(Malaysia Rubber Board, Malaysia)
photoRecent Development of Electron Beam Vulcanized Natural Rubber Latex
Prof. Krisda Suchiva(Mahidol University, Thailand)
From low cost rubbers to high value materials : an alternative to standard processes
Jean-François Pilard(Université du Maine, France)

Session B(S1: Novel Elastomeric Materials, S2: Gel and Related Soft Materials)

photoSupramolecular Cross-Linkers Endowing Rubber Polymers with Toughness
Prof. Toshikazu Takata(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
photoToughening of Soft Materials with Sacrificial Bonds
Prof. Jian Ping Gong(Hokkaido University, Japan)

Session C(G9: Simulation, G10: Technology of Tire)

photoCoarse-grained simulation study of rubber materials including the interfacial effect of fillers
Dr. Hiroshi Morita(National Inst. Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
photoHow Silane Coupling Agents Influence the Dynamic Performance of SBR/Silica Tire Tread Compounds
Prof. Jacques Noordermeer(University of Twente, Nederland)

Session D(G4: Filler and Additives)

photoRecent Advances in Rubber Reinforcing using Carbon Nanomaterials
Prof. Changwoon Nah(Chonbuk National University, Korea)

Session E(G7: Structure, Property and Characterization)

photoScattering studies on hierarchical structures in rubber-filler systems
Prof. Mikihito Takenaka(Kyoto university, Japan)
photoAging and stabilization of NBR and HNBR-Materials -Chemistry and characterization
Prof. Ulrich Giese(Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie e. V., Germany)

Session F(S7: Innovative Technology and Goods in Rubber Industry / ISO-related Program)

photoRecent Progress in Technology for Seismic Isolation Bearings
Dr. Nobuo Murota(Bridgestone Corporation, Japan)
photoPerformance Elastomers for advanced applications
Mr. Shoei Tsuji(JSR Corporation, Japan)
photoAn analysis on fracture mechanism of rubber by large scale molecular dynamics simulation
Dr. Masataka Oikawa(Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd)
photoHistory and activity of ISO/TC45 Japan National Mirror Committee
Mr. Shunji Araki(The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association, Japan)
photoRoles of ISO/TC 45 towards innovative and sustainable rubber industry
Dr. Mohd Nor Zairossani(Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia)
photoStandardization on the determination methods of biobased contents for rubber products
Mr. Akira Saito(The Japan Rubber Manufactures Association, Japan)
photoInternational Standardization of Seismic-Protection Elastomeric Isolators from Japan
Prof. Toshio Nishi(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Thursday, October 27

Session A(S3: Progress in Evaluation and Testing Methods)

photoHighly Heterogeneous Nanomechanics of Filled Rubber Systems
Prof. Ken Nakajima(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Session B(G12: Application of Rubber and Rubber Processing)

photoRubber Composites for High-Pressure Hydrogen Seal
Prof. Shin Nishimura(Kyushu University, Japan)

Session C(S6: Elastomers for Environment and Sustainability)

photoGreen Mobility and Sustainability – Opportunities & Challenges for Tyre Industry
Dr. Rabindra Mukhopadhyay(JK Tyre & Industries Ltd., India)

Friday, October 28

Session A(G3: Blends and TPE (Rubber Blend), S5: Elastomers for Medical and Human Care)

photoMechanism of Rubber Elasticity of PP/EPDM Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
Prof. Toshiaki Ougizawa(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
photoMorphology and Strain-induced Crystallization Behavior of Natural Rubber/Polyolefine Blends
Prof. Hiromu Saito(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)

Session B(G8: Rheology / Emulsion, G1: Polymer Synthesis)

photoChemical degradation of elastomers during abrasion
Prof. James Busfield(Queen Mary University of London, England)
photoLight Triggered Shape Memory Melamine-based Benzoxazine Hybridized Silver Nanoparticles
Prof. Chirachanchai Suwabun(The Petroleum and Petrochemical College Chulalongkorn Univesity)

Session C(G11: Fatigue and Fracture, G6: Adhesion)

Session D(S6: Elastomers for Environment and Sustainability, S4: Soft Materials in Automobile Industry, G5: Vulcanization)

photoSustainability in Rubber Industry
Mr. Koichi Morita(Bridgestone Corporation, Japan)
photoAutomotive technology trends and the impact on the Plastic and Elastomers
Mr. Nozomu Shigemitsu(Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan)
photoZinc Oxide: An Origin of the Heterogeous Structure in an Accelerated Vulcanizate
Prof. Yuko Ikeda(Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)
photoReal Time Observations on Rubber Friction and Fracture
Dr. Naoya Amino(The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., Japan)

Session E(G7: Structure, Property and Characterization, G12: Application of Rubber and Rubber Processing)

photoA Constitutive Tube Model of Rubber Elasticity: The Path from Polymer Network to the Rubber Component
Prof. Gert Heinrich(Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany)
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