On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan, I would like to cordially invite you to THE INTERNATIONAL RUBBER CONFERENCE 2016 KITAKYUSHU (IRC 2016 KITAKYUSHU).

This is the fifth time conference held in Japan following Tokyo in 1975, Kyoto in 1985, Kobe in 1995, and Yokohama in 2005. Each IRC was attended by more than 600 participants from over 30 countries and simultaneously hosted a large-scale rubber technical exhibition with more than 4500 visitors in total. The International Rubber Conference and its exhibition must be one of the largest events on rubber and elastomer fields in the world, and there is no doubt that they will be an excellent opportunity for you to promote your science, technologies, and products globally.

Kitakyushu is a port city that has been developed as the largest heavy industrial district in the Kyushu region, and it has a lot of factories to manufacture automobiles and tires, etc. in its vicinity. We believe Kitakyushu is the most suitable place to discuss the future of rubber and elastomer industry and you can enjoy this very attractive city that has a lot of scenic spots and historical architectures. IRC 2016 KITAKYUSHU will be held at Kitakyushu International Conference Center and West Japan General Exhibition Center, one of the largest convention and exhibition centers in the world. It is located in the center of downtown Kitakyushu and offers convenient public transportation access and many nearby hotels.

The main theme for IRC 2016 KITAKYUSHU is “Innovation based on Basic Science.”We are expecting over 200 papers to be presented on special topics such as novel elastomeric materials, gel and related soft materials, progress in evaluation and testing methods, soft materials in automotive industry, elastomers for medical and human care, elastomers for environment and sustainability, innovative technology and goods in rubber industry as well as more general topics including polymer synthesis, natural rubber and related materials, blends and TPE, filler and additives, vulcanization, adhesion, structure-property and characterization, simulation, tire technology, fatigue and fracture, application of rubber and rubber processing, and others. In addition to lectures and presentations there will be an extensive technical exhibition showing the latest developments in the fields of raw and process materials, machinery, testing and analytical equipment, computer software for the rubber industry and so on.

It is the aim of IRC 2016 KITAKYUSHU to promote world-wide exchange of knowledge and experience among colleagues. We are looking forward to your participation in this IRC in the form of contributing papers, taking part in the exhibition, and attending the conference. In addition to the scientific and technical program and the exhibition, all participants will be able to enjoy various social events.

All persons interested in the scientific and technological developments in the rubber and elastomer industry are encouraged to take this opportunity to attend the conference. Every effort has been made to ensure that all participants will have a thoroughly valuable and memorable stay in Kitakyushu. Your participation will most assuredly help to make this event a great success !

June 2015


Yoshinobu ISONO

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